I am a swedish photographer active in the Värmland and Närke area. My journey with photography first started in the woods. I fell in love with the art during my many hikes through the scandianavian and american mountains. I love the play between light and dark, the feeling and contrast that happends in between. I've always preached for a simple life, and I find art and inspiration through my love for nature and connection between us as human and our way through universe. 
If you are interested in me as a person and my adventures, feel free to check out @rotvaelta on instagram.  


My Work

From the woods I took a step into the house and started my journey as a real estate photographer. I love natural light, but also master the technique of external flashes to garantee a good final result.

I have a background as a chef, so photographing restaurants and hotels feels natural. I understand the flow, and the sometimes stressful environment. I love the mix between the harsh kitchen and the food that comes out of it with nothing but love! In this area you also have to master a lot of techniques, as food, environment and portraits - which inspires a lot! 



I use as much natural light as possible to achieve a believable end result and illuminate the genuineness of your home,  restaurant or product in the best possible way. In consultation with you and with help of my photographic eye, the goal is for us to produce the most selling images for you. I believe in a personal meeting and a long-term contact with good communication. For me, photographing  means not only a contract for photography, but the whole experience in consultation with you and your business. If you want a down-to-earth photographer that sees the uniqueness of every session, I'll help you!

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